About us

We are committed to helping you succeed through process automation.

Success means different things to different people. Therefore, we always strive to understand what does success mean for you. Whether you are a manager willing to accelerate your career and increase your market value and personal brand, whether you are a business owner wanting to see the impact on company’s bottom line and/or you are a professional that is passionate about your job and simply don’t want waste your time by boarding repetitive activities, working with us will help you achieve your goals.

Great thing about automation is that it generates fast and visible results – the day you switch the robots, the people see and feel the difference. The interesting challenge though is to adapt the organization to work efficiently with the robots. This results in organizational, process and other changes in the organization – plenty room for people prove themselves in the areas they like.

Working technical solution is just one piece of the puzzle. Our work often involves personal coaching, communication and PR, shaping organizations’ strategies and operating models – we do whatever it takes to make you successful.

Our Team

Founder and Managing Director

After 18 years in consulting (I have proudly worked for A.T. Kearney, Deloitte and Capgemini) I got tempted by the vibrant world of startups. Building on my passion helping people and companies I have created Automation CoE with the mission to help everybody we work with succeed through automation and robotics.

I have combined the DNA from management, technology and people consulting to build a unique innovative operating model that has been able to attract a team of great like-minded people.

I am passionate about the impacts of robotization. Feel free to contact me via Linked in or email to have a chat. Will be happy to share my ideas and experience and help you explore how you can benefit from automation.

Technical Director – Automated Solutions

Technical Director with focus on RPA (RoboticProcess Automation) and RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation) with Blue Prism, UI Path, MS SQLServer, C#/VB. NET programming, Cloud technologies and ABBYY products.

IT Solution Architect

I am passionate full-stack developer always eager to learn new technologies and ways how to use them for benefit of others. My career was built on simple rule that programmer should be lazy and therefore always look for best options to simplify the work. What makes me not lazy at all! This rule brought me to fascinating world of the RPA that enables to simplify work not for one person, but for the whole companies. This motivates me to move forward and doing the best I can.

Chief Design Officer

As a developer and designer, I am always up to the challenge. I believe in well-built, simple and reliable software products that are also visually desirable and efficiently presented and communicated.

Global Robotics Operations Center Manager

Finance Manager